Linsa- Jareño, s.a.
Linsa- Jareño, s.a.

Classic Line


LINSA JAREÑO has a wide range of products according to the type and design of each product.


The products are classified as follows in CLASSICAL LINE


    - Poles

    - Brackets

    - Luminaires


In our commitment to quality, in 2001, AENOR gave us the ISO 9001 certified.


Given the importance of issues such as light pollution and considering therefore, the law on the quality of the sky, our lights are designed and manufactured to minimize the light emission in upper hemisphere, coming to get some of our luminaires, light pollution 0 (0% FSH) which represents the best possible performance. Therefore, some of our products are approved by the IAC will (Astrofísico Institute of the Canarias)


In our commitment to the environment, we use in our production process materials and cleaner technologies and facilitate the proper management of our products once they end their life.


LINSA JAREÑO, has the following certificates:

  • Management System certified according to the UNE-EN ISO9001: 2008
  • CE Marked steel poles
  • CE Marked luminaire
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