Linsa- Jareño, s.a.
Linsa- Jareño, s.a.


Since the begining of twentieth century, JAREÑO manufactures lamps and luminaires with excellent quality and durability thanks to the quality of raw materials and resources used as well as the professionalism of our team matters.

LINSA JAREÑO account for it, with extensive experience in the manufacture of brackets and luminaires for public lighting and street lighting. Having a wide variety of poles, supports and fittings, clasified in Classic Line and Actual Line

Our luminaires have an excellent photometric and mechanical quality, always trying to optimize the relation energy consumption and photometric,  taking into account the current demand for energy savings.

LINSA JAREÑO also contributes to the restoration and repair of historic and artistic assets for National Heritage, as well as providing new products for installation in monumental environments.

Since 2001 LINSA JAREÑO has the ISO 9001 certificate, currently possessing the following certificates:

- System of Quality Management according to the UNE-EN ISO9001: 2008.

- CE Marked for poles and columns

- CE Marking for luminaires


And also the same quality, we offer the project and any other model that our customers have in mind. Our technical department will do the advice and development a project according to the needs of each customer.


Our target for next years is the expansion to new countries and intensify our international presence.





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